The Balfron Tower Studio Sessions (Early 80's)

by Xenophobia

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26 Free tracks to download, most of what I wrote in the 80's from working with a Tascam 244, 4 track Porta studio, a Wem Copy Cat, a bass guitar, a microphone, a double tape deck and a record player, that was my first set up with mates lending me bits and some begging to lend stuff. That all started early 80's during the emergence of a completely new style of music on pirate radio 'ACID HOUSE'.
fcI blagged me a Roland TB 303 that I had been banging on about. You can here it on 'Ragga Acid' with MC Midrange. I then spent every penny we had on the deposit for a Yamaha SY77 workstation, it was like looking at NASA at the time (1982/3) So that is the prodominant instrument on songs around that time (1982/86) I moved on to an Alesis 8 track sequencer for a while. Spending what little money we had I got an Atari 1080st computer with a black and white monitor and a cracked version of Cubase 3.1. It was 1990 after I had written a couple of advert scores and spent every penny I received on a sampler. Couln't afford the Akia samplers as they were like 6 grand when they came out so I got an Ensoniq EPS 16 plus rack mounted sampler with 2 meg of ram but it completed my set up. In 1992 Skallywag got a record deal with Kickin' Records who had some of raves best acts ever and got the chance to work with Grant Nelson (Wishdoktor) who mixed and produced 'Rush in the House & The Wobbler' as Rave was going big time but moved quickly to the underground scene doing live P.A.'s with Spiral Tribe. So if you came over and partied with me and Zillah Minx, one of these tracks were probably being played to you during your visit. 139 Balfron Tower was one of the best and worst flats to live in, best for the view, worst for the broken lift all the time, best for being the place where @Rubella Ballet's video's were filmed like Money Talks in the front room, with shots from the ground floor up at us on the balcony with me sitting on the planter with my legs hanging over the edge. Then when we shot Twister on the roof we had access to the locked door to the roof so proceeded to hump all our gear up to the roof looking out onto the whole of the world but I was sulking because I couldn't use my drum kit and had to mime ha ha. We had so many people back everytime when returning from gigs with a van full of equipment, friends, beers and loads of fun, in fact it was like a punk social club. A few close friends lived with us for a few months when they were temporarily homeless and people from all over the world made the extremely long walk from Bromley by Bow station to the flat. My friend Richard Heslop has some amazing footage of both of us skateboarding on the roof and I will add pictures of a photo shoot in the playground at the bottom of the flats. If any of these tunes & Pics remind you of nights of crazynuss at Goldfingers pad let us know or post any stories or pics you may have so we can remember the flats before they are sold of to the elite who won't share their memories like they don't share there money.


released October 19, 2016

MC Midrange
Zillah Minx
MC Skallywag



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Xenophobia UK

Xenophobia is Sid Truelove (DJ Terminator) and Zillah Minx (The Acid Queen), founding mainstays of the ground breaking Anarcho Punk group Rubella Ballet, augmented by the singular talents of Bert Fuzz (MC Skallywag from Spiral Tribe).

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